Classroom of the Elite 01: Loser


Equality and inequality, the terms always bring up some hot topic debates. The beginning moments of ‘Classroom of the Elite’ touches on mankind continuing to fight for equality. It brings up a point that our inequality is often difficult to accept.

Are we truly equal? And though we all start out as equal, when do things start branching out?

‘Classroom of the Elite’ centers around the Tokyo Metropolitan Advanced Nurturing High School. It’s the top of the line school established by the Japanese government. The institution boasts a 100% employment and college entry rate. You would think that this school would be perfect with those fancy statistics, right?


Ayanokoji (our protagonist) is a new pupil at this location. He’s also one of the most boring lead characters I have ever come across. He is dead faced, has no sense of humor but yet, his cynical views of the world are spot on.

Ayanokoji is placed in Class 1-D and we are then introduced to Kushida Kikyo (who wants to be everyone’s friend) and we also meet the classmate that sits next to Ayanokoji, Horikita.

Horikita shares Ayanokoji’s cynical view of this world, though they do not get along with each other, at least during this episode.

The students of Class 1-D meet their teacher, Chabashira Sae, who gives the class a brief rundown of what to expect for the next 3 years of high school.

Every month, each student is given 100,000 points. Points are currency (1 point = 1 yen). Students can spend points on whatever. Everything is also based on merit. That last part comes into play later on.

So what happens when you give students that much money? Well, they spend it on stupid stuff and wait for next month to roll around so they can get money again, rinse and repeat.

We get to learn a little bit more about Horikita, like how she might be related to the student council president. She doesn’t indulge in the money, she likes to be thrifty, a lot like our protagonist. We learn more about Kushida. She tries to befriend Horikita, which fails miserably.

During the course of the episode, you start to see the cracks in the foundation though. This is not a perfect society. Students are closed off from the outside world. It reminds me a bit of Danganronpa but replace the bloodshed with social class and politics.

Speaking of social classes, students eventually start to mock Class 1-D basically stating that they are inferior and full of rejects. The class also starts to slack off during lectures. Some students skip class while some are on their phones.

Once the next month rolls around, Class 1-D realizes that they didn’t get any money. Chabashira reminds them that their money is based on merit, and their school work reflects as such. She also calls them garbage.

Luckily Ayanokoji and Horikita still have some points left to spend.

I felt like this episode did a great job at explaining things to come. I can’t wait to see what happens to the students who have used up all of their points. How does the merit system work? Can students change class and move up in ranks?

Also, does Ayanokoji become a more likable character? Thanks for reading!


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