Vatican Miracle Examiner 01: Losing My Religion

There is something appealing about a Catholic themed mystery anime. Especially where the lead characters are from the Vatican and they are tasked with finding out the authenticity of recently reported miraculous occurrences. It’s also very appealing whenever you hear it referenced as the Catholic Scooby-Doo.

Vatican Miracle Examiner was the first series (of this season) that I was generally interested in. It’s a series that knows its demographic from the get-go and it is not for everyone and it doesn’t intend to be.

The series follows Hiraga Joesph Kou and Roberto Nicolas, members of the Vatican who investigate miracles and verify that they are miracles.

The first episode starts with a security guard patrolling the grounds of a church at night. He interrupts a Satanic ritual and stumbles across a character floating with stigmata. Before I move on, this guard was also standing in the middle of a pentagram, which is something you do not do.

Moving on, we learn a little bit more about our protagonists. Hiraga is the generic main character, and has a younger brother named Ryota, who has severe bone cancer. Ryota bought Hiraga a cross before he moved from Germany to the Vatican. We really don’t know much about Roberto, other than he was at a boarding school.

The higher ups task Roberto and Hiraga to investigate the Church of Saint Rosario. A request was put in to investigate a virgin conception. The duo heads to south of America to investigate the claim and see if there is anything sinister going on behind the scenes. Oh yeah, they also have to verify that the virgin birth is a miracle. 

At first I thought they were heading to South America, because that would make sense. No, they are heading to Mexico. I don’t understand why they didn’t say Mexico.

After that, we meet a ton of characters, with probably half that aren’t important at all. It felt like I was watching Legend of the Galactic Heroes, with endless character introductions.

They meet Sister Anna Dolores, who gives them backstory about how she was visited by Archangel Gabriel not long after she came to the church (3 months ago). She claims that caused the pregnancy. She also has stigmata.

The duo thinks otherwise and decides to investigate the matter. They both believe that she either had artificial insemination or in vitro-fertilization.

Roberto’s method of investigating involves going through books and ancient texts, while Hiraga is more math and science oriented. He starts going through their financial statements only to discover that the church earned $30 million. Quite a large sum of money, especially for a church. 

The second half of the episode was a mess, with so many things happening at once to bring us to a strange cliffhanger. So I will try my best to explain it:

  • The three students, Carlos, Sebastian and Mario are clearly summoning Satan. Mario has the stigmata and Carlos might have the devil spirit inside of him.
  • Father Klaus died. He most likely was struck in the dead by the boulder. I believe the three students took part in that.
  • The church is clearly hiding something because they shut the security guard up, who found stigmata-Mario at the beginning of the episode.
  • The weeping Virgin Mary is all a distraction.

I’m excited to see what else this series has to offer. Apparently more characters die in the next episode. Until then!

Damn meddling kids.


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