Vatican Miracle Examiner 02: Hell is for Children

I feel like Vatican Miracle Examiner is not getting the love it deserves. The series certainly delivers on its promises. For example, this week a lot of characters died and I don’t see a hot springs episode in sight. Score!

But in all serious, can we all come to a consensus and agree that ouija boards are not toys for children. Nothing good has come from playing with a ouija board. Go watch the “Paranormal Activity” movies if you don’t believe me.

Carlos most likely summoned Satan, that’s the reason why the devil is communicating with him. It has to be.

Shame Carlos, shame!

This week, Hiraga and Roberto conclude that the statue of Mary crying was not a miracle but merely a distraction. They find a candle near the statue and decided that the tears were from condensation. The statue did not cry because Klaus died. More on that later.

The duo figures that all answers are found in Father Michael Brown’s office. Michael (who is very dead) restored Saint Rosario after World War II. He also brought in orphans, such as Leon Russell, his wife, Klaus Beck and Joesph Conotri.

Joesph forbids the duo from entering Michael’s office. But Roberto wants into the office not because the answers are found there, but because he is a bibliophile.

We learn more about Sebastian, Carlos and Mario. Sebastian was apparently initiated into the cult and had to pledge allegiance to the devil himself. He’s also on his way to become the next wizard master (according to Mario) and they perform seances with the ouija board.

Sister Dorthea and Father Francesco meet up at night and end up dead. We don’t know what transpires but they both meet terrible ends. Francesco was strangled and had all of his teeth removed. Dorthea had her eyes removed as well.

Hiraga deducts that the murders are going along with the stained glass martyrs, with more deaths to come.

The people of the church, then decide that there’s no way they can contain this craziness, thus the police need to be called. But wait, it’s been raining nonstop and the police can’t cross the bridge to the church.


Mario has a stigmata moment (what role does he play in all of this) and passes out. James Chester, the security guard gets interviewed because he was the first to witness Mario’s episode 3 months ago.

We finally get to see Hiraga’s detective mode commence. They find out that the statue of Mary was the murder weapon, it was used in the chapel (same place Mario had his moment). All the blood was wiped off, even the crypto-code cross, and the statue of Mary was cleaned in the cold fountain. The candle heated the statue thus making it appear that the statue was crying.

I thought that part was so cool.

The murders continue though. This time it was Father Joesph, the king of distractions. He is found in an upside crucifixion. His final words were that the beast has awakened.

And after that, maybe the murderer, meets up with Anna. End of episode.

This was an enjoyable episode. I’m getting more and more into the mystery. I think either this next episode or the one after will wrap up this insane story arc, at least I hope it does.

We shall see what lies beyond Michael Brown’s room next time.

Thanks for reading!


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