Welcome to the Ballroom 02: Dancing With Myself

Side-note: The delay for this episode was brutal.

Now, dancing can be difficult. To this day, I still cannot dance. When I go to weddings, I don’t dance. When I go to clubs (those rare occasions), I don’t dance. When I do dance, it’s at home when I am by myself and the curtains are closed. I do not have any rhythm either. Maybe one day I’ll take some ballroom dancing.

As for know, I’ll continue wishing I was as good a dancer as these characters.

Tatara is given dancing instructors at the beginning of this episode (Karen Banba and Tomochika Jinbo). Though they are still trainees, Sengoku decides to make the lessons free. Sadly, Tatara finds it difficult to learn from them and his dancing worsens from there.

Sengoku decides to take Tatara to the next competition, where Shizuku is competing.

This is the first time we see the dances and competitions, though it’s brief. I’m expecting the dance competitions to make the animation shine later on. As for now, we will continue on this slow build. 

During the competition, we meet Kiyoharu Hyoda, who is Shizuku’s dance partner (and one of Sengoku’s students). He’s kind of a badass and wins all of the competitions. He’s also known Shizuku for the past 9 years and they plan to study abroad together after high school (he’s the same age as Tatara and Shizuku). There also doesn’t seem to be any sign of romance, even with them being dance partners. 

Surprising no one, Hyoda and Shizuku win the competition, even with Hyoda running a fever.

The next day, Tatara is still not making progress with the dance lessons. So Sengoku tasks him with dancing alongside Hyoda. We see a little bit more of Tatara’s gift of keen dance observation and he starts to match Hyoda’s style. They even give him a pair of Hyoda’s old pair of dance pants.

Hyoda is a very strange character. I don’t know what to think about him. He’s not the jerk rival character trope and he also shows no emotion, only when dancing. At least Tatara learned to shadow dance (courtesy of Hyoda) at the end of the episode.

I wasn’t too impressed with the episode. Not a lot happened other than the cool shadow dancing scene with Hyoda. Everything else was too predictable.

I’m looking forward to the next episode though, especially since it’s the first competition with Tatara. Here’s to hoping there are no delays.

See you all next time!


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