Classroom of the Elite 02: Smells Like Teen Spirit

“Classroom of the Elite” is bringing back some memories of high school. I seem to bond most with Ayanokoji as I didn’t have a lot of friends in my grade level. All of my friends were older or younger than I was.

I was never bullied because I blended with the crowd. I remember during graduation, right before I walked the stage, the classmate in front of me was like, “You still went to school here, I thought you graduated early.” True story.

But my high school years were not as intense as this place.

We finally get clarification of how the point system works within the school. Students are assigned a numerical value. You get points from doing well on exams (mid-terms and finals). If you reach enough points to overtake a class, then you gain that classroom’s title. Example being, Class D needs to get enough points to overtake Class C, thus they become Class C (and vice versa).

Chibashira turns up the heat by threatening expulsion for students who do not pass the upcoming mid-terms. The class decides that they need to have a study group so they can take those steps to overtake Class C.

But, as you would expect, there are students who do not care about what happens (Ike, Sudo and Yamauchi). They would rather see the world burn then be concerned about their education.

We are briefly introduced to Sakayanagi and Mr. Clean (Katsuragi) of Class A. I refuse to acknowledge that Katsuragi is a high school student. Just, no.

Horikita treats Ayanokoji to some lunch (damn did that food look good) and the second he took a bite out of the food, she coerces him into her plan. That expensive meal was a trap! This plan involves him to start a study group with the three bad students. Horikita ultimately wants to be in Class A and will do anything to get that far.

Ayanokoji has no luck and enlists the help of Kushida, who completes the task quickly. Horikita states the deal is off though once she finds out that Kushida is involved. She outright refuses to hear our hero of the series out. The whole telephone scene between her and Ayanokoji made me laugh.

The study group ends up happening but quickly disbands because Horikita constantly berates them. She doesn’t care if they pass or fail.

We learn more about the duo on this episode though. Horikita meets up with her brother, Manabu (the student council president). She tells him that she plans to catch up to him but he thinks otherwise. He’s about to attack her but Ayanokoji prevents the attack and there’s a brief confrontation.

Where did Ayanokoji get his awesome fighting moves, because it wasn’t from piano and calligraphy.

I was happy to see that the mid-terms yielded positive results and most of the students passed (I think…there were some 50s).

How will this affect Class D’s ranking? I guess we will find out next episode.


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