Saiyuki Reload Blast 03: Evil Eyes

I was not aware of how much content we had for the Saiyuki Reload Blast manga. I am aware that Minekura has health conditions which led to delays in publication but I was thinking that we would be at least 5-6 manga volumes in. I was shocked when I found that we are only 3 volumes in (with that third volume coming out in August). I feel like that toilet paper roll signifies the content they have left to cover.

This leaves me slightly worried about where the plot is going. I’m aware that we probably won’t be getting into the meat of the story (with the main villains) anytime soon. It just leaves me a tad disappointed though.

Nevertheless, I’m curious to see how they decide to end this season.

Like every other episode, this one begins with the Sanzo party having another struggle with traveling. This time they are rock climbing and it’s entertaining to see Sanzo try to climb a mountain (attire and all).

Demons, at the top of the mountain start shooting at them and you know the rest. What puzzles me is how they climbed up the mountain that fast to slay the demons. There should have been a struggle at least.

Moving on, this episode centers around a village and a demon that lives on the outskirts. The village has a problem where villagers have been vanishing. So all the blame goes to the lonely demon.

Hakkai uses Sanzo’s position to give them a free place to stay for the night while they investigate the vanishings. Thought that particular scene was entertaining.

Tenjin, the demon, appears to be a good guy, though his buzzards live off remains of dead people and demons. He believes in the concept of sky burials, where bodies are placed on a mountaintop to decompose or get eaten by animals. He’s also a vegetarian, so he can’t be bad.

Tenjin is eventually proven innocent, though the villagers still don’t like the fact that there’s a demon living near them.

I was hoping that this would be one of those episodes where the demon wasn’t actually bad, they were just misunderstood. And the end of the episode would have him living in peace with his demon form. I really liked Tenjin as a character, but alas…he was bad.

I felt bad for him when he talked about his wife dying during childbirth and his son having a heart ailment, ultimately dying and getting the sky burial.

We learn that he’s been digging up the graves of the dead villagers and leaving the bodies for the buzzards, which is sad and very messed up. He even keeps random mementos of the dead. He tries to kill Goku, but Gojyo saves the day. Tenjin didn’t die by the Sanzo party, but instead he was given his own sky burial.

Next episode looks very promising. We get our first heaven episode and also some backstory with Nataku. Now I just need to remember the names of the Sanzo party’s previous incarnations.

Just for reference:

  • Sanzo -> Konzen (Thanks Homura)
  • Gojyo -> Kenren
  • Hakkai -> Tenpou
  • Goku

Time to to watch the Gaiden Arc! See you all next time. 


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