Love and Lies 03: Secret Rendez-Vouz

The momentum keeps up with this episode of ‘Love and Lies.” Another character enters the battle of love. Pretty soon me might have to call this a harem.

Nisaka’s backstory gets fleshed out a bit and we finally learn more about his motives. He’s seen as a playboy, often flirting with students who are getting married. You know that type of person. One day a classmate threatens him and then Yukari (who has been witnessing this all go down) calls the police. An awkward friendship forms from there.

More on Nisaka later though, because there is a lot to cover.

Lilina is still working on her plan for Yukari and Takisaki to get together. It’s exhaustive and it will never work. She invites them over to her place, which doesn’t go over well with Takisaki at first. Takisaki wants to break free from the bonds of Yukari, and she was doing a damn good job at it too.

But Lilina wants them to kiss in front of her. Fantasy or not, Lilina has to be “shook” each time she sees her man kiss another girl. 

If I was Takisaki, I would still be friends with Lilina, but outright refuse to take part in the shenanigans. And I feel like the more Yukari hangs out with Takisaki, the more heart broken Lilina is going to become. This isn’t helping. 

Takisaki is affected by all of this too, though it doesn’t show much in this episode. She ends up kissing Yukari at school (in secret). Someone is going to walk in on them one day and be quite alarmed. But wait, Nisaka witnesses them kiss. And I think everyone at the school knows about this secret rendezvous already. 

It reminds me of that one song from DDR Max 2, Secret Rendez-Vouz. Here’s the chorus because it works with what’s going on right now.

We are secret lovers
Hope no one discovers (no one discovers)
See you every day
Secret hideaway
Just around the way (Don’t you know….)
Feels so good to me ’cause (…feels so good)
No one’s ever seen us
What we have, taboo
A secret rendez-vous

This episode is not all about the love struggle between the female characters though. No no no!

Nisaka is a mischievous little shit. When I first started on this series, I thought he was an ass. I really didn’t like him at all. I fell for that playboy persona. I thought him and Takisaki had a thing going on because of the glares.

Not to mention, he’s all about asking people if they’re still virgins. That’s something you don’t do and it immediately makes you a creep in my book.

That all changed though when he kissed Yukari. It was sweet and brought out many emotions, and now I’m worried for this character. First off, if he has emotions for Yukari, then this is not going to be a happy road for him and it’s only going to end with heartbreak.

Next, how does the Yukari Law handle teens that are gay and lesbian? As for now, I am not convinced the Yukari Law doesn’t handle homosexuality. And that makes me slightly sad and furious.

It made me sad when Yukari told Nisaka that he and Takisaki would make a great couple. 

Maybe we’ll find out more about this in the future episode because I’m certainly curious.

Next episode has those government officials popping up. Surely they know something fishy is up with this new couple because (based on the first episode) they work strange hours that aren’t 9am to 5pm.

See you all next time! Thanks for reading.


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