Vatican Miracle Examiner 03: Devil Inside

The best way to start an episode is to have a breaking and entering scene. In the words of Hiraga, “This is the path he has chosen for us.”

If there was one word to describe this series, it would be bonkers. I was hoping that we would come to a wrapping point to this story arc, but that is not the case. As far as I know, we have at least 2-3 more episodes.

Regardless, my curiosity increases with each episode. I want to see how crazy the ending is.

Hiraga and Roberto break into Michael Brown’s office and find out he’s been mummified. They also find the Devil’s Book and the second half of the tally that appeared in the first episode. Pieces of the puzzle start getting put together. But then you realize, they bought this puzzle used so there are pieces still missing (lost forever). 

You eventually become depressed about the missing pieces and incomplete puzzle. You can’t return this puzzle either because all sales are final. That’s how I feel about this series, you get what you (metaphorically) pay for.

We meet the elusive Lauren Di Luca, the hacker. It’s weird to think of hacking the Vatican and it’s even weirder to hear the “Vatican Firewall” (which Lauren built).

The obvious villain, Father McGee, makes an appearance, followed by a name drop. He doesn’t acknowledge the duo, he just goes off to do more villainous deeds.

The duo is told about Carlos’ possession so they spring into action. Carlos says that he is possessed by Klaus Beck. Holy water gets thrown, nothing happens. But wait, Carlos was not possessed, he was just drugged and experienced an overdose.

We learn that Carlos was taken advantage of and drugged on multiple occasions by Klaus Beck. He was not involved in the father’s death though.

That means the church is selling drugs.

The duo also digs deeper with James Chester. He apparently had a head injury and can’t see objects in motion. Though he might have witnessed Mario floating, it was actually Mario getting strangled. And the blood he saw was actually hematosis? I don’t know but this anime does an awful job at explaining things.

We meet Mary, who was carrying the demon baby that made Hiraga freak out on different occasions. She’s actually holding a doll and her little story was a bit sad. She claims that her father (Father Michael) came down on an ark called the Rusberg. And we know the rest of the story.

She was involved in a ceremony with candles and an upside down pentagram, got pregnant and had a baby. The baby had severe deformities and died (two heads). Due to the shock, she was given a doll that she thinks is her baby. 

Oh, and Michael Brown was a nazi. The Rusberg was a giant blimp from Germany. Plot twist! Saint Rosario is connected to the Heinrich Social  Welfare Organization, which has very close ties to some VIP Vatican groups. They also have ties to the Vatican banks (explains the large sums of money).


I was exhausted by so much that went on in this episode. And if they explained the Mary’s virgin birth, then I missed it. Maybe they will touch on it in this next episode.



3 Comments Add yours

  1. Karandi says:

    This show feels like it is getting increasingly messy. Hopefully they resolve it well but the mystery isn’t having as much impact for me because they seem to just be cramming more and more stuff in before you really have time to process what has already happened.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on it.

    1. Aaron says:

      Thanks for the comment! I’m expecting the ending (to this arc) to be either incredibly sacrilegious or incredibly offensive.

      1. Karandi says:

        It could be both.

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