Love and Lies 04: Weird Science (Dumb Science)

Our weird couple gets even weirder in this episode of Love and Lies. This was not a strong episode, by the way. First off, I’m not a parent, but I do find it odd bringing up sex in front of your high school kids. It’s awkward and uncomfortable, definitely not a dinner topic. I grew up in bible-belt West Texas, so that was pretty much taboo to discuss what is done when doors were closed.

I’m not a fan of Yukari’s parents, and I find them insufferable. They’re very extra. I also think they’re going to get worse with this next episode.

Yukari and Lilina have a moment together. She freaks the hell out when she sees that his room is an utter mess. She also snatches a yearbook from his bookshelf to look/observe that photo of Yukari and Takisaki.

Lilina talks about a feeling that she had when she was 10 involving something like love (involving an anatomy child doll being separated from his mother anatomy doll). It got a laugh. 

The government officials show up from the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare (Ichijou and Yajima). They ask that burning question that we really don’t care about (SEX). They then explain how the science behind choosing couples work. If you ever dabbled in internet dating, then the “science” is pretty similar. The only thing different is the interview (whatever age they decide to give that).

The process begins in grade school to the age of 15. During that time, the candidates are subjected to numerous tests and then you get that notice when you turn 16 (hell, they’ll even go hunting for you during the midnight hours).

The making-sense-train starts to derail when they explain that they pick before the personality is fully developed. Shouldn’t you pick the mates after the personality develops? That sounds a lot easier.

Also, one thing that I do not get (and it infuriates me), is they have all of this precious scientific information, years and years of collected data/profiles of candidates, and yet they do not know where Takisaki lives? Really?!?!?! Are you really from the Japanese government?

After that, Yukari’s parents state that they are planning a camping trip and invite Lilina and her family. If I was her, I would politely decline, and then proceed to run away from those creepy people.

Takisaki and Yukari get some screen time together and also share an intimate kiss. I was happy to see that the government was able to find her house because Yukari did not give an address, but some strange directions.

Why did they go to her house in the first place?

Why was Takisaki talking to Nisaka and what were they talking about?

Who is Shu Igarashi and what is her relation to Takisaki?

Next episode looks to be interesting. Like I said earlier, we have a camping trip with the Yukari and Lilina family, also with special guests, Nisaka and Takisaki.

I think the next episode is going to be a wonderful mess. I cannot wait!


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