Welcome to the Ballroom 03: Careless Whisper

I’m beginning to sympathize with Tatara regarding his dancing lessons. He has learned so much during these past few episodes and continues to make improvements. Sengoku, on the other hand, sees no improvement and then Tatara gets compared to various animals, like a fawn, dog and monkey.

So far, I’m not a fan of Sengoku. He reminds me of the obnoxious coach that screams at their students, sometimes they’re physical and might punch you.

It was nice to see Tatara in a home setting though. I always assumed he was the shy and nervous type, always scared of everything. But he’s a totally different person around his family (Dad and Grandmother). The whole commentary for the sumo match for his grandmother was awesome. I hope we see more of her soon. Will Tatara’s dad have to make dance commentary for her during a future competition? I would like to see that.

This episode we have the dancing competition. Hyodo and Shizuku are entered in the 37th Prince Mikasa Cup All Japan Dancesport, or the Prince Mikasa Cup for short.

Tatara does act like he’s going to a zoo rather than a battlefield. We don’t meet a lot of the competition besides Iwakuma (or Tonya Harding). I’m curious about how old Iwakuma is because he looks older than a high school student.

During this episode I had to stop a bit to find out how old Snegoku was (because it threw me off a bit when he talked about previously competing with Iwakuma). I’m guessing that Sengoku is 23-24 years old. Nothing has told me otherwise regarding his age.

Sengoku immediately berates Iwakuma, calling him a gorilla, which made me feel sorry for the guy, seeing as he constantly gets second place.

Shizuku and Hyoda enter the first round with Latin dancing. They dance the samba, cha cha cha and the rumba. The dancing inspires Tatara and he gets into the rhythm.

I wouldn’t normally practice dancing in the bathroom, but Tatara proceeds to. He then locks himself into a stall once people show up and start talking crap about Shidou and Shizuku. This happens to be the same stall that Hyodo is occupying (with a taped up knee). Awkward.

The knee is seen as an immediate weakness and as soon as Hyodo is on his way to the next round, he is shoved down the stairs by Iwakuma (though there could have been a fight that led to that point).

Iwakuma clearly pulled a Tonya Harding moment and that immediately places him as an antagonist. I tend to rage-hate antagonists of anime series and I really hope this guy gets some sort of justice.

The other team mates think Hyodo has vanished so Sengoku makes the decision to enter Tatara into the competition, without telling Shizuku. She realizes that she’s not dancing with her partner as soon as they step on the stage.

The best/worst part of the episode was the dance with Tatara and Shizuku. It was good because of the great animation, and we get to see all that Tatara learned (while mimicking Hyoda’s moves). It was the worst because Tatara is not a great dancer and damn was this scene absolute cringe. It was hard to sit through the entire dance and I was with Tatara, I wanted the song to be over as soon as possible.

And how do you end an awkward dance? You end it with tripping/falling on the stage with your dance partner, and they fell hard.

Hyodo, back from his own fall from the stairs, grabs Tatara and demands to give him the choreography back and then the episode ends.

All in all, a solid episode, a lot better than the last one. I’m hoping Tatara develops his own choreography soon and doesn’t have to rely on copying other people’s work (the dance plagiarizer).

We continue the competition with the next episode and it appears that Hyoda is in it to win it! There looks to be some very vigorous dancing and more.

Thanks for reading.


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