Saiyuki Reload Blast 04: One of Us


We are officially one third of the way through Saiyuki Reload Blast and instead of taking steps forward with the plot, we have taken many steps back. It appears that we are going to spend a few episodes with the Saiyuki Gaiden arc. 

I’m not too upset about it though, as it gives some backstory to those who are watching Saiyuki for the first time. But for those who have seen a majority of the series’ (plural), I guess this serves as a brief catch up. I feel like I don’t need to watch Saiyuki Gaiden now but I’ll ask myself that question after I watch the next episode. 

Kanzeon Bosatsu (The Merciful Goddess) and Jiroushin (I can never remember his name) start the episode this week. Prince Nataku (the war God) has gone missing. We also get some more backstory regarding the scriptures of Heaven and Earth while the Sanzo party fight some demons.

Shaka Nyorai spread a scroll open. With that being done, existence and nothingness sprang. Other things came about too, like light and darkness, chaos and death, etc (you get the picture). Shaka wished for eternal prosperity and ripped the scroll into five pieces.

  • The Maten Scripture (held by Genjo Sanzo)
  • The Seiten Scripture (held by Gyokumen Kyoshu)
  • The Kouten Scripture (accidentally spoiled myself on who holds this scripture, whoops)
  • The Uten Scripture (held by Gyokumen Kyoshu and her crew)
  • The Muten Scripture (held by Dr. Ni)

After the Sanzo party kills some demons, we do a 500 year time skip to the past. Like I said earlier, to those who have seen Saiyuki, we have already seen this before. Goku gets into heaven (born from a rock) and is seen as a heretic. They also find that his gold eyes can be viewed as something terrible.

Kanzeon tasks Konzen (her nephew/Sanzo) to watch over Goku. Konzen doesn’t take kindly to this and thus an awkward friendship is formed. I liked how they kept the hair ripping scene in, it always makes me laugh.

One day Goku, who runs off from Konzen, meets Nataku and another friendship is formed. At this time, Goku does not have a name, so when Nataku asks for his name, it upsets Goku.

We meet Tenpou (Hakkai) who is the military strategist for Heaven. Him and Konzen talk about the newest military recruit, Kenren (Gojyo), and how he is causing problems with the top brass. Tenpou lets Kenren do whatever because he likes to stir up drama (classic Hakkai/Tenpou).

Thrilled at having a friend to hang out with, Goku looks for Nataku the next day (because he finally can tell the war God his name). Goku runs into Kenren and he finds out that Nataku is off fighting the demon Gyumao. Nataku is being used for war, taking care of everyone’s problems while the other soldiers are pleased that they don’t have to dirty their hands.

Nataku comes back from the battle injured and bloodied. It’s noted that the other soldiers do not have scrapes or bruises. A common bond is formed because they are both Goku and Nataku are seen as heretics.

During The Tentei’s speech, Touten (Nataku’s dad) tells his son that he will soon take over the Tentei’s position and that it will be passed down to Nataku, who doesn’t really care what happens to him.

A fight breaks out during the speech. The residents give Goku trouble and Kenren and Tenpou come in to save the day, which gives Konzen problems and that’s the end of the episode.

Next episode will continue this arc (we will probably find out what put Nataku into the comatose state and then it will build up to his escape present day).

Thanks for reading, see you all next time!


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